Stolen iPad retrieved in 90 min after 10 mile chase. Result: iPad: 1, Police: 0

My iPad was stolen! and I got it back, not even a scratch.

Monday. 2 PM. I'm at the Sgula cemetery, planting some plants on a new grave. My car is parked closed by, and when I approach it I notice that the window is smashed. OMG, my bag is gone.

The smashed window.

After the initial shock, I start to assess the damage. Credit cards can be blocked. Check books can be canceled. But my iPad! What about my iPad???

When I call my wife to tell her the bad news, it hits me. I can find my iPad! I ask my daughter Vered to log in to my MobileMe accounts, and within few minutes I hear the good news – the blue dot is active, my iPad is on the map! I start the chase, and Vered instructs me from remote. "Turn left … they are heading to the other cemetery… they are now approaching Rt 40..".

The ten mile chase is over. I'm now facing a long building, and Vered is very sure of herself. The ipad is on the far end corner of the building. It is a 3 story building, the iPad can be at any of the 3 far most apartments. OK, what's now? Throughout the chase I called the police, again and again, and their message is clear – stop the chase and drive to the nearest police station to file a complaint. How frustrating !

Finally, they agree to assist. A policewoman and her assistant arrive, and we stand next to the apartment's doors. Vered is pushing the button from far away, commanding the iPad to start an alarm sound. Yes ! We can hear a sound coming out from one of the apartments. We're not sure if it is the second or third floor, so we start banging on both doors. The iPad sound fades away.

A minute later, Vered calls me, excited. "Daddy, the iPad is out of the building. They probably threw it out of the window. Look at the bushes between the building and the road!"

I rush downstairs, and here it is. Inside the thick bush, my iPad is beeping an alarm sound. Hurray, my iPad is safe, not even a scratch.

The thieves are still in there. But my iPad is safe!

The policewoman is shocked. She calls her supervisor to tell him that the unbelievable just happened. The story is real. This lunatic person, that claimed that the iPad is in this site, is correct. The iPad, stolen 10 miles away, is here. BTW – the police left the site, they can not break into the apartments without a warrant.  They did ask me for a demo of the iPad, though.


  • Apple, you're great. A week ago, at the Technologies 2011 conference, I gave a lecture titled "The iPad is a game changer". I had no idea that in few days I'll have such a vivid example of its capabilities. "Find my iPad" rocks !
  • The police has no clue how to deal with the latest technology. They have on solution that fits all. "Come to the station and file a complaint". It's like calling tech support and they tell you to reboot windows. gross.
  • iPad in the hand is better than iPad-2 on the tree…  Listen to me, you thieves. Next time, check the iPad-2 delivery times before you make a move. If the delivery time of an iPad-2 was just 2-3 days, I'd probably let you keep the old one, and get me a new iPad-2. But 4-5 weeks delivery? no way. I want my old iPad back!!


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