iPad gaining traction in US education

Looks like the iPad is gaining more and more traction in US education system. The net is full of reports showing that after conducting pilot installations in 2010, Districts and schools alike move to a full scale deployment of iPads in the classroom.

in Omaha, the district approved a school to purchase $360,000 worth of iPad-2's  for each student in grades 5 through 8, as well as for all teachers. They also tell that "Young children find the touch screens easier to use than a keyboard or mouse …… And the larger screens — with their larger icons — are easier for young children or students with disabilities to hit…. And a lot of applications are geared toward primary-age children."

This trend, of gaining the support of teachers, superintendents, PTA's, and the district, is highly important for successful adoption of new technology in education. Devices like the iPad charging cart provide the necessary infrastructure that enables the deployment.

My take on it: if your school have new budget, don't buy netbooks or bulky PC's. In the post-PC era, its time to move on. The shift to the tablet/cloud era is gaining momentum every minute.

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