A Never-Ending Story…. | Voices of QA

As our understanding of transformational play evolves, so must the space in which that play occurs. Quest Atlantis has always been a fluid, non-static environment that both its students and creators can influence and change. So when several of us realized that we had new, powerful ideas for the Quest Atlantis storyline, we dove in and found we needed to change quite a bit. Students today are bright, powerful people, and we wanted them to revel in that. The old storyline was a bit convoluted, tangled up in itself after several years, and a bit black and white in terms of what is good and what is bad. We knew QA could and wanted to handle more subtlety than that, so we weaved a new tale, one that showed more character development, gave students even more agency, and allowed for easier and cleaner growth in the future.

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