Can we trust Nielsen?

How trustworthy is the data coming from research companies?
earlier this month, Nielsen came up with surprising results. Over 30% of iPad owners have never ever downloaded an App, and only 64% of the rest (meaning, only 40% of iPad owners) downloaded a paid App. The data was hard to believe, knowing the huge success of the App store and the cool stuff you can find there. But, Nielsen has a reputation, and facts are facts. Really???

Five days later – oopsie, Huston, we got a problem… After the breaking news flash and making headlines, Nielsen says that they got the numbers wrong… 91% of iPad owners downloaded Apps, majority of them downloaded paid Apps.. See:

Can we trust the analysts?
My take on it: analysts are trying their best to justify their existence, and they lack the integrity to say "yes, we made a mistake, we didn't see it coming, we failed to predict the iPad success, we failed to predict the App store success, and now we will do our best with headlines and manipulated data to show you that the phenomena is not as much as you think…

Did you notice that analysts and research firms are talking on 2010 figures of "media tablets" while there is only one product on the market? 12 million iPads and less than 100,000 of all the rest that are just launched and sell in sample quantities? Let's face it, most analysts and research firms lost a lot of credibility by failing to predict and failing to understand what is happening in front of their eyes.

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