My hi-tech career included over 20 years as a marketing-oriented business executive, with proven International track record of high-level sales, business development and strategic marketing. I’m engaged in informal education since 2002, primarily as a volunteer at the Israeli Scouts Association, and volunteer at various not-for-profit organizations and community projects.
I devote most of my time to leverage the synergy between technology and education. A pioneer in the assimilation of iPads in Israeli education (since 2011), and conducted "iPads in education" seminars to over 1,200 teachers, Colleges ICT directors, Ministry of Education supervisors, district managers and school principles. A teacher professional development trainer, and an EdTech expert.

I am currently engaged in the following activities:

  • Founder and CEO of EdTech Israelhub that connects Israeli startups, entrepreneurs, venture capitals, international markets and business partners. Focused solely on the educational technologies sector, our goal is to contribute to the establishment and success of Israeli edtech initiatives.
  • Expert in iPads in education, training, assimilation, and consulting to schools and districts
  • Certified Apple Professional Development trainer. Professional development, assimilation and planning of using iPads and mobile devices in education and small&medium businesses.
  • PhD in Education, University of Haifa, Technologies in Education program. My research seeks to promote science literacy by using multi-user virtual environment educational game in an afterschool setting.
  • Volunteer at the Zofim / Israeli Scouts, member of the national Education & Instruction steering committee. Formerly District vice-chairman / Controller at the Israeli Scouts, Northern-Sharon district. Scoutmaster of "Shevet Alon", Pardes-Hana Karkour (2002-2011).
  • Lectures and training on the use of technology in education in general, and iPad in particular

Education: PhD in Educational Technologies, University of Haifa. MA in Education (Cum Laude), University of Haifa. BSc in Electronics Engineering, The Technion.

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